Don’t leave your loyal friend at home while you’re traveling.

At Borgo Cadonega Relais & Spa every puppy is welcome.

They are allowed in our restaurant and breakfast room, in the common areas and in all the garden.

Let us know that you are traveling with a pet when you’re making the reservation, and you will find in your room a small kit for him. The kit will include non-slip hygienic mat, bowl for food and water, a welcome biscuit and a toilet bag.

The pet friendly fee will be € 10,00 each/per night due to the cleaning service.

We remind your that, even though your pet is perfectly educated, he might act unpredictably in a new environment and with other animals around. For this reason, we kindly ask you to read and follow the instruction below:

When you’re having breakfast, lunch or dinner with your pet make sure he’s wearing a leash and keep him close to you.

In the room be careful to the furniture: we hope you can understand that we will have to charge every damage in it.

Our garden can be the perfect place for a nice outside walking. Even in this case though we ask you to make your pet wear the leash in order to guarantee to all of the guest and other animals a safe and quite place.

In the garden you will find several bins and toilet bags container. It is important for us to always keep the area clean and beauty. Please, help us by cleaning what your pet can not do on his own.