Covid 19 procedures

Structure configuration

Several buildings within a delimited area


  • Thermometers for instantaneous temperature measurement
  • Telephone numbers to contact in case of medical necessity (e.g. 112, doctor, nearest hospital)
  • Guidelines for Covid’s Code of Conduct19
  • Disposable gloves available to the guest
  • We have masks available for those who don’t have them.
  • Possibility to disinfect luggage
  • Employees with mask and gloves
  • Sanitizers available for the guest
  • The objects provided in the customer’s use (e.g. bicycles, internet workstations) are sanitized before and after each use.
  • The elevator control panel is regularly sanitized
  • Dispenser with sanitizer in the lift
  • Possibility to check in online before arrival reserving only upon arrival the collection of documents and their subsequent registration
  • The room key is left to the guest for the duration of the stay.
  • Keys and key ring are sanitized at every change of guest

  • Sanitization rules adopted reported
  • The guest is given indications of how the rooms are sanitized and with what regularity
  • The remote control(s) in the room are regularly protected
  • Objects available to the guest in the rooms (e.g. kettles or storage trays) are regularly sanitized each time a guest is changed
  • The room is thoroughly sanitized at the departure of the guest
  • The courtesies used in the bathrooms are in disposable version
  • Possibility to change the linen every two days or on request of the guest
  • The staff who take care of the refurbishment of the rooms is equipped with individual protections

  • Open restaurant service available for guests
  • In the restaurant there is a space where outdoor service is possible
  • Service for customers outside the hotel
  • The tables are spaced regularly
  • Access to the restaurant is controlled as time slots and as accesses
  • Room staff wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and mask
  • The table linen is regularly replaced entirely at each customer change
  • The restaurant’s service bathrooms are equipped with hand sanitizing equipment
Breakfast Service

  • In the Breakfast area the exposed foods are adequately protected
  • There are protective and disposable gloves (e.g. polyethylene) available for guests in the Breakfast area.
  • There are in the Breakfast area waste bins for personal protective equipment available to customers
  • It is possible to use on request the Breakfast in room service
  • You can book the timetables and food of the Breakfast
Pool, Spa & Wellness

  • Swimming pool in open space with delimitation of safety distances
  • An area of the swimming pool can be reserved exclusively for a customer of the structure
  • The external equipment is regularly sanitized according to the provisions in force
  • Access to the Spa area is regulated at agreed times.
  • You can use the formula “private spa” for the exclusive use of a guest or couple
  • The spa staff is trained to professionally manage guests also for the service on Covid’s containment measures
Common Areas

  • There are signs with indications of sanitation and regulations provided
  • There are information signs to maintain the distance and the delimitation of spaces
  • There are special bins for the disposal of gloves and masks and in general personal protective equipment used.
  • Common areas are regularly sanitized
  • In the common toilets there are sanitizing gel dispensing devices available to the guest

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